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Steel Market Intelligence©

Steel Market Intelligence (SMI) is a steel market newsletter published
by long-time steel industry analyst, Michelle Applebaum. SMI
research is event-driven and unlike similar industry publications that
supply heft rather than depth, SMI research is written to be read on-
the-go with key executive summaries up front and clearly laid out –
few of our reports need more than a page to make our point.  

Our reports are typically news-driven meaning that we interpret –
rather than report – events, always with an eye on our crystal ball, to
determine the impact on steel demand, production and pricing.

In 2005, we pioneered our Advance/Decliner Index – this product is
designed as an ‘early warning system’ of a trend change in steel
pricing. While pricing levels are difficult to predict, what the A/D Index
does for our clients is give them advanced warning of when a pricing
trend is about to shift direction.

For further information, contact us via e-mail at
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Steel Market Intelligence